"Andy was very friendly and knowledgeable. It was great to receive training from someone who has been on the front line".

"Andy's presentation style - really easy to engage and work with - very honest and not high and mighty or stuck up! :)"

"Andy's work experience is very relatable for staff, this helps I think to engage people from the off".

"Great delivery in these unusual times".

"I am struggling to come up with improvement points. I gained a lot from this and all positive".

"I enjoyed the case studies and having the opportunity to share experience".

"I think Andy was professional yet friendly. The content was relevant and engaging".

"I enjoyed how engaging the course was - how the course trainer asked everyone to contribute and gave each of us a chance to contribute. It kept me listening and engaged throughout the whole course, rather than just listening to him talking throughout the whole time".

How would you rate the quality of the course contents?

How would you rate the quality of the trainer?

How would you rate the quality of the course handouts and case studies?

What overall rating would you give the course?